Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Gift Exchange- Join in!

This years Country Christmas gift exchange is called " The Country Christmas Connection" to sign up visit, Guernsey Dairy Mama's blog. 

 I encourage you to sign up. I have participated in the past in the Christmas in the Country, hosted by Jamie Rhoades (This Uncharted Rhoade), Laurie Link (COUNTRY LINKed), Those ladies are taking a break, not to let us down 2 other great bloggers are coordinating. Jenny from The Magic Farmhouse and Darleen from Guernsey Dairy Mama

Check out past year's post 2015 and 2014  post to get a small idea of what fun gifts you might receive. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

National Taco Day- Share with me

 I have quite a few I really like but one that I tried that a fellow blogger posted about was a hit:
Baked Tacos- Crystal Cattle

What is your favorite?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Haying in the Hay Capital

Its a busy time in Kansas, the county fairs are winding down and we are getting geared up for the State Fair! AND its Haying Season, brome, alfalfa, prairie and more.

What better way to see a glimpse of haying than that which is taking place in "The Hay Capital of the World!" Yes, that is a place and no its not a made up title. Learn a little more about The Hay Capital from my previous blog post here.

To learn more about native/prairie hay and its nutritional value, check out this handy publication from University of Missouri Extension. While the publication can be a little technical at times it is great at describing how to make great hay!

Mowing the last 80 acres of the year. Hay shown in this video is Prairie.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thrifty Thursday: Dresser Organization

Having a full time "town/real job" I don't get to do the things I love as much. Last night I decided I was going to take a little "me time" and check off a project from my list. I had been wanting to paint the dresser that had been in my bedroom for a year or so and finally did it!

While I was at it I decided my jewelry and other "stuff" on my dresser needed some organization. Long OVER DUE!

I have been using the coffee mug tree for necklaces for years. But still had other items that needed captured.  I went to my garage in my stack of "stuff I will use sometime"

DISCLOSURE: Usually it doesn't look so "put together" and  this time next week I bet it won't look this organized. 
The solid wooden walnut stand is perfect for perfumes and body sprays. The vintage relish tray works for pendants, rings, and pins. 

This was all done in an evening and cost about $1.35! I guessed on the amount for the stand and tray ( $0.25 is too much, but guess that covers the cost of my purple paint) These were in a box I bought at an auction for $1...yep, you heard me right. A whole box for $1 !!!

While I enjoy having a unique look and not having the same thing as everyone else, I hope I have given you some new ideas.

What is your favorite way to organize jewelry? Do you have any unique items you repurposed?

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Last Minute 4th of July Craft Ideas

It's looking like it might be a rainy 4th of July in our area.....So an indoor craft/activity might be needed . These 2 ideas are perfect for kids of any age and to make it better, you probably have the supplies on hand!

1. Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks
    Supplies: TP/Paper Towel Rolls, paint, scissors, paper, paper plate, glitter (optional) For a complete tutorial visit Happiness is Homemade

2. Q-Tip Fireworks 
Supplies: Q-Tips, paint, scissors, paper,paper plate, glitter (optional) For a complete tutorial visit Crafty Morning

Friday, July 1, 2016

National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day!

July 1st is National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day!

If you follow this blog much, you know that I love "creative" ice cream flavors. With summer being in full swing I want to get my ice cream maker out and get to trying some new flavors. 

Here are a few that I have shared on this blog in the past

The most "creative" which also happens to be my grandma's favorite is Avocado Ice Cream

With this weekend being a 3 day weekend and holiday, I am hoping to try out some new homemade ice cream recipes.

What are your favorite homemade ice cream flavors?