101 in 1001

Start Date: April 21, 2012

End Date: January 17, 2015
1. Go to 5 new states (2/5, MT, 11/13-NY,)
2. Attend K-State vs Oklahoma football in Norman(10/18/14)
3. Attend K-State vs Baylor football in Waco
4. Attend K-State vs Iowa State football in Ames(10/13/12)

5. Travel out of the country (Nov 2013- Canada)
6. Travel to Vegas for NFR
7. Visit another Laurel city ( July 29, 2012- Montana, Oct 13, 2012- Iowa)
8. Go to the Kentucky Derby
9. Go to a NBA game
10.Go to a NFL game
11. Visit 5 unique Kansas attractions (Tall Grass Prairie Preserve, Toronto Lake, Yates Center (Hay Capital of the World),  Nicodemus,

Out and About
12. Visit a museum (Ag Heritage Park, AV, KS, Dan G Hansen- Logan, KS)
13. Attend a K-State Alumni event
14. Go to play or musical (24th Annual Marquette Meladrama & Bethlehem Revisited)
15. Eat at 10 new restaurants and blog about them 4/10 (Trappers in OKC, Bang Bang in Des Moines, Rubios in PHX, Hog Trough in Wickenburg)

16.Go to a concert of someone I’ve never been to. (Chris Cagel, KS State Fair, 9/15/12, Lynard Skynard KS State Fair, 9/14/13, Toby Keith, KS State Fair 9/15/13)
17. Go snow skiing

Around the home
18. Paint my bedroom turquoise
19. Complete 10 Pinterest projects
5/10 (hooded bath towel,3 painted dressers, Lucky not Blessed sign, 
20. Fully clean out my car (vacuum, wash, ....) 0/2
21. Tile kitchen
22. New carpet in the living room
23. Host a dinner party
24. Redo the bathroom
25. Make my bed everyday for a week
26. Vacuum once a week for a month
27. Keep dresser & desk clean/organized for at least 30 days
28. Try a 10 new recipes : (Gooey Bars, Seasoned Crackers, Double Bacon Cheeseburger Dip, Red Velvet Cake, Potatoe Soup from CO cookbook, Baked Tacos, FrenchToast Dumplings, Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac N Cheese, Ceasar BLT Pasta Salad, Hot Corn Dip)
29. Start an event planning business
30. Get Laurel Hill tax id number
31. Go 2 weeks without spending any money on things other than bills, food or gas
32. Buy a house
Get taxes done earlier than March 15th
34. Save $5 for every goal completed

35. Write 20 thank you cards 13/20
36. Buy flowers for others 1/3 (CP surgery,mom's bday 9/14, )

37.Send 12 birthday cards 5/12 (Sam '13, Erin'13, Annette '13, Carmen '13,Dayna '13, Moretta '14,Erin '14)
38. Make a birthday cake for someone (9/2/13-CP)
39. Read devotionals everyday for 30 days
If someone is sick, visit them. Take a dish, card, or flowers...even if they aren't close friends(CP-flowers, food to the VanBebbers)
41. Buy someone else’s meal(
CP birthday lunch, not sure this counts, Jean,)
42. Read the Bible

My Network
43. Attend 2 agiculture conferences  (WIBJ'12, AAW '13)
44. Successfully execute Dirt, Denim & Diamonds
45. Have 50 attendees to 3D (30, but close)
46. Book 5 speaking gigs 2/5 (__,eisenhower series,)
47. Have 100 followers on the Blog
48. Write 3 guest blogs 0/3
49. Maintain blog for 1 year.
50. Sell 10 items on Etsy
51. Meet 5 social media friends in real life - 3/5(Crystal, kinda cheating because I knew her before) Janet Phillips, Rustic Chick,
52. Judge at an FFA or 4-H event(Dickinson Co Fair judge x2)

Health & Beauty
53 Run a 5K
54. Get to my ideal body weight, and maintain for 6 months
55. Get a spray tan
56. Golf in a tournament
57. Have a spa day (a bad spa day, but a spa non the less 9/6/13)
58. Clean out my closet
59. Take a yoga class
60. Drink 3 glasses of water everyday for a month
61. Get rid of 10 pair of shoes(actually gave away 20 pair)
62. Take a zumba class
63. Take a multi-vitamin every day for a month
Get a massage
65. Improve my posture
66. Get a manicure (5/17/12)
67.Get a pedicure(5/17/12)
68. Floss daily for 1 week


69.Make a T-Shirt Quilt
70.Don’t use the internet for a week
71. Be a camp counselor(4-H- but it was my job)
72 Double my cow herd, started with 10 registered Angus
73. Finish a quilt I have started.
74. Own another Paul Cameron Smith Print
75. Take part in a 30 day photo challenge
76. Attend church at least 12 times in 12 months 12/12 ( July, Aug, Sept, Oct. Nov,Dec,Jan, Feb, March, April, May June, July, Aug, Sept)

77. Send Christmas cards (2013)
78. Scrapbook Europe trip
79. Train Monkey to ride and take her to work cattle
80. Write in my journal at least once a week for 6 months.
81. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
82. Cook for a branding
83. Fall in love
84. Take dance lessons
Sleep under the stars
86. Get my OSU email down to 50 emails
Make a custom recipe book
88. Own another pair of boots (you can never have enough)
Tie a note to a balloon and let it go
90. Get my Yahoo email down to 200

91. Arrange 6 ladies nights 3/6 (Sept, Oct, Nov 2012)
92. Get my gmail inbox down to 20 emails and keep that way for 2 weeks
93. Make a pair of spurs
94. Tool something made of leather(bracelet and 3 keychains) but need to do something else, these were small
95 Host a game night
96 Get a puppy
97 Make 2 photo books 1/2
98 Read 5 books 4/5 (One Thousand White Women, Claiming Ground, Through My Eyes, Rebecca's Promise, )
Write 5 letters to people I haven’t talked to in a long time 0/5
Don't complain about anything for a week
101. When this list is complete start another one

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