Tuesday, July 22, 2014

County Fair Survival Kit

Fair season is upon us!
My mom stumbled upon these adorable "County Fair Drinking Jar" Mason jars.
 Too cute to just leave at the store so we had to figure out something to do with them. I told her to just buy a "few" and we will figure out something. 

Well this came to me......" County Fair Survival Kit"

 Fairly inexpensive and quick to throw together. I had the basic supplies and just picked up the rest at Dollar Tree or Walmart. 

What supplies I used: 
-Brown Craft Filler
-"4-H" Green Raffia

What is in the kit
-Jolly Ranchers
-Binder Clips
-Chap-Ice Lip Balm
-"4-H" Green Mints

I had more ideas but need to save something for next years kit!

Below is the label I created. 

 I was really please how they turned out (especially in the 10min I took to do it all!) the recipients loved them!