Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful for Agriculture

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, may you be blessed and have a full stomach.

 I am so thankful for my family that makes up those Farmers & Ranchers that help feed us everyday, not just on Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christmas in the Country 2014

Last year I was seeing all of these posts about great locally bought or handmade gifts other bloggers were receiving as part of the Christmas in the Country 2013. Since I missed hearing about it in '13,  I hoped that the ladies who hosted last year would do it again in 2014.....and they are!!

This year I am not going to miss out on the fun! 
To sign up, hop on over to one of the following blogs:

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: $142 savings

Have you ever been to a Goodwill Outlet? Well, I had quite the experience at one, 2 weeks ago while in Oklahoma City. Let me tell you about this crazy venture.

Just ask any of my friends, I like a good thrift store. There is always some treasure. The group of us were driving along in OKC and saw a HUGE Goodwill, so we decided to stop. All thoughts were that this was a typical Goodwill....we were WRONG, big time wrong.

Inside were bins of stuff, piled high with clothes, purses, curtains, stuff...more so on the "junk" side of things. You buy by the pound! The rest of the group refused to walk around, they just sat by the door people watching.

No organization, just piles. I was not to keen on this idea, yet it kinda was interesting. Then, there was this wall about 20ft long with shelves that were being stocked with plastic tote tubs chucked full. I went to check it out and was barked at saying "this area is closed!" What?! I am totally lost by now. I decided to ask one of the few friendly looking faces what the deal was. He told me they place about 50 tubs on the shelves then open the area. About this time the staff said, "GO"
All ___ broke loose. People were diving, pushing, elbowing, and grabbing anything they touched. Black Friday has nothing on this folks! I decided to try and check out a box = bad idea.  I was pushed to the side and people started using me as a step ladder.

I retreated quickly, but not before grabbing something that looked kinda cool. I realized I didn't have all the parts, so I went back quickly when people weren't around. Yes, it sounds like I was scared, probably because it was a tad intimidating. Finally, when I thought I had all the parts we decided to get the heck out of there.

Check out time, with what seems to be a coffee grinder.
Total: $1

When I was back home I decided to clean it up and then do a little research.
Look what I found. .............
Retail $143

SCORE! So the stop was worth while. 

Goodwill Outlets won't be a regular stop for me, but definitely something people should try once...while wearing a helmet and football pads!