Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A John Deere Green Wedding

I really must blog more, I have so many pictures I have taken and ideas I want to share. I have a feeling it is going to get pretty random.  A friend of mine Kelsey was married in true country style. Here are some fun county wedding and decor items from the big day!

My mom and I were driving to this field wedding, carefully following the included directions. Passed a parked tractor, no biggie,didn't seem too out of place. "Hey, did that tractor have writing on the windows?" "Ya, maybe it did," said my mom. Put the vehicle in reverse....yep sure did. What a fun way to mark the turns to get to location.

My favorite part (the picture does absolutely NO justice) was the bale feeder entrance. 

Then it was off to the reception, same cute country decor. 

Love the brands on the cuts of wood. They also had wood slices for isle decor. 
Soybeans & Corn filled Mason jars...too cute. 

This was my gift to them. I think personalized gifts are the best.
 3-D free standing "P" with their names and date. 

You can check out Kelsey's Ag blog at Blessed to be a Farmer/Rancher