Thursday, January 2, 2014

The 3 Cs of Christmas gifts; Country, Classy & Cooking -Part 1

Just take a look at my Christmas gifts and you get a really good sense of the kind of person I am! My family and friends know we well. As I was getting ready to put away all my Christmas gifts I noticed themes and that they truly represent me. A few C's were County/Cows, Classy & Cooking,and you can add in Crafts & Coffee. (I didn't get as much crafty or coffee items as usual)

 I am going to take you on a little tour of my gifts and how they truly represent me! You will probably get to know me a little more.

-Muck Boots, I have been needing and wanting these for about a year now.
-Work gloves
-Show calf air freshener
-4-H mug
-Western jewelry
-Cruel Girl & Wrangler Rock 47 jeans
-Duck Dynasty playing cards
- Same jeans, but they fall in the category, they are county n' classy on of my favorite themes on this blog
-"Nice" jewelry as in the kind you buy at high end jewelry stores
-Fun jewelry
-Purses & wallets
-Funky shoes from my momma! more about that in Part 2.

  This is the BIG haul!
- Deep dish skillet ( it was on my list, they did well!)
-Enamel coated pans (again, what I had been wanting)
-Cooking ingredients
-Cooking utensils

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