Tuesday, December 16, 2014

101 Update

I see quite a few bloggers doing updates for there 101 in 1001. I have never done an update,  since mine will end in 1 month and 1 day I thought I better get to focusing on checking a few more off the list!

Some will be done by Jan 17, others won't happen, and then there are a handful that are no longer applicable.

Here is my recap:
I have fully completed 27  and have another 8 in progress. I plan to finish those, bringing me up to 35 done at a 34.6% success rate. If this were put into terms of treatments for an illness, % of tread left on my tires or a test score I would have a huge problem with it.

With that being said, I have to knock of a few more. Here are 10 that WILL HAPPEN!!!

End Date: January 17, 2015
15. Eat at 10 new restaurants and blog about them ( I am at 4/10 with about 6 sitting as drafts)19. Complete 10 Pinterest projects 5/10 34. Save $5 for every goal completed (as of now that would be $135)
35. Write 20 thank you cards 13/2037.Send 12 birthday cards 5/12 49. Maintain blog for 1 year.69.Make a T-Shirt Quilt ( I am hosting a class series at work starting in Jan and ending in April)91. Arrange 6 ladies nights 3/698 Read 5 books 4/5 (1/2 way through #5)101. When this list is complete start another one

10 That won't Happen
3. Attend K-State vs Baylor football in Waco (its already passed, I could have gone, but made the conscious decision not to!)6. Travel to Vegas for NFR(its already passed,)17. Go snow skiing21. Tile kitchen22. New carpet in the living room24. Redo the bathroom42. Read the Bible ( highly unlikely to read that much in 31days)45. Have 50 attendees to 3D (30, but close)(its already passed,) 53 Run a 5K54. Get to my ideal body weight, and maintain for 6 months

Here is the hope.....I have 54 hanging out there in limbo, I get really serious and knock out 1/2 of those. Lets be honest, its December, its Christmas time, its the Holidays!  We shall see.
Come back on Jan 18, 2015 to see what I completed

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