Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Agriculture & Sports: A great combination

I grew up playing sports, and then when I “got old” I started coaching.  I come from an athletic family. 

My great grandpa played on the first baseball team in Manhattan. My dad as an athlete at the University of Nebraska, his dad boxed in the Navy. The list can go on and on.  All of my family appreciates the life lessons sports teach. 

While I grew up in an athletic family I also grew up in one that is deeply rooted in agriculture.  This might be why I value and get kinda excited when sports meet agriculture! 

These two articles are circulating around. 

I am excited to read about athletes that get their workout in the barn stacking hay or those that value working with their hands in the soil. 

Then I read the article about the Waggoner Ranch selling.  I was a little…what’s the word? hesitant, nervous, apprehensive, or maybe skeptical.  I am not really sure what to say. So, let’s be positive and go for “hopeful” When I read about NFL Owner Stan Kroenke buying the Waggoner Ranch. The Waggoner Ranch has been run by the same family for over 100 years. Let's hope the new owner is a good steward of the ranch and its employees. I hope he sees this place for what it truly is.... one of the truly great western ranches of history. I hope it stays under one fence. Hopefully for the history, heritage, and employees and families of the ranch he keeps it operating as is.

Because when agriculture and sports come together it can be great!

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