Monday, April 18, 2016

Overnight Oats Simplified 1-2-3

Overnight Oats seem to be the rage right now. I had been pinning recipes but had avoided making them thinking I might not like them and then I would have wasted  all that time, effort, and ingredients

Well good new, I like them and they are EASY to make AND you probably have the ingredients on hand, I did!

Step 1. Locate jars. I used canning jars and recycled sauce jars I had been saving. 

Tip: I have found prepping for a week makes things so much easier

Step 2. Gather ingredients. I had all of these ingredients, but the Chia/Flax Seed mix, which I happened to find on sale for $4/bag

Tip: I created a " Overnight Oats Shelf" This is where I keep all the dry, non-perishable items. Its handy to have it in one place . 

The perishable/refrigerated items are again something you will probably have on hand. 
 While I love real cow's milk, most Overnight Oat recipes call for Almond milk. There are less calories and I like the vanilla flavor :) Most recipes call for yogurt & a milk of some sort 
Step 3: Mix. I usually mix all the dry ingredients for the recipe and then add the wet ingredients the night before. However, you can mix both and they will stay fresh in the fridge for 3-4days. 

I found this handy dandy spatula like tool a year ago and bought it because it was cool and different. Incase you didn't know. I am slightly obsessed with kitchen gadgets. Its the handiest thing for mixing in the jars. Its my Overnight Oats Tool!

You can find this tool at (man I wish this were a give away post) Beware, they have some cool kitchen gadgets. I am not responsible if you spend $$$$ 

As far as Recipes, they pretty much follow the 1-2-3 rule as well. There are numerous recipes out there and I will be posting my favorite next Monday for "Menu Monday"

And there you have it, Overnight Oats Simplified, 1-2-3!

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