Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scenic Sunday-Bayard Kansas

Again another town not in my book, but shown to me by my good friend as we did our ghost town traveling. Bayard is unincorporated

I was kinda sad to see how this church or school has just been ignored and run down. What a sight with the door open and still able to see a podium inside.
History Lesson: In 1910, Bayard was a station on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad with a money order post office with one rural route, an express office, and some mercantile interests. It was a shipping point for the surrounding agricultural district. The population that year was reported as 50.
A post office was opened in Front (an extinct town) in June 1886, but it was moved to Bayard in August 1887 and remained in operation until it was discontinued in April 1943

County: Allen

Population: No census since it is unincorporated. There were 1 or 2 houses in the area that people were living in.

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