Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Give me a home where the buffalo roam.............

A week ago I helped host a group tour with members from across the U.S. One of the stops was a preserve that has a small herd of bison/buffalo. The herd is cared for by a local rancher and we were told that the buffalo recognize the feed truck the rancher has.  Well apparently its a Dodge. As we started to drive through the pasture the buffalo started running toward us.  
I was a little bummed that I was sitting in the middle and couldn't get as many or the quality of pictures I wanted. 

I think they would have eaten out of our hands, they came right up to the windows....very neat. 

 I mite have been more excited than some of the visitors in our group. 

This picture looks like its straight out of "Dances with Wolves" doesn't it?

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