Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas in the Country Reveal

My #ChristmasintheCountry gift arrived pretty early, I couldn't wait to open it! I had to, I needed my camera with me to "document" the gift, yet still I didn't get a picture of the outside or as I opened it :(

I am thankful that , Jamie Rhoades (This Uncharted Rhoade), Laurie Link (COUNTRY LINKed), Erin Mullins (Diaries from the Dirt Road) and Robyn (Ranch Wife Chronicles) coordinated this fun exchange. 2014 was the second (hopefully annual) exchange, and I'm glad I didn't miss it like the year before. 

Luckily for me one of the hosts, Robyn received my name. I was excited to receive a gift from a blogger I followed and who was from the same state as my Dad.  Besides the reveal, I am also including the contact info where you can get some of these items.  (If you are jealous and want one for yourself.)  I think handmade, local businesses, family owned, etc are important and should be supported!

I love that all of them are one of a kind and handmade!

In my box: 
-decorated Mason Jar (done by Robyn herself)
- Notebook, again one of Robyn's creations. I hope this helps me get organized in 2015, I am always losing the notes I write. Plus this will be a reminder of the exchange and new blogger friend.

-Hand embroidered tea towels. by a neighbor of hers (love, love, love these) I think this is a lost art. These towels are something my family has always had and were the "prized" towels in our kitchen!

-Goat Milk Soap, "a luxury, every women should have"- Robyn

Check this stuff out, here is the contact info that is on the bar. 

-Mixed Media art. Fun and right up my alley

Thanks again to Robyn for the great Christmas gift and to the others who helped coordinate. Can't wait till Christmas in the Country 2015!


  1. Wow! Love all of the great things that Robyn sent to you! So glad you did not miss out on the fun this year. Thanks for participating!
    Laurie - Country Link

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the goodies I sent you!
    Thank you for participating in the gift exchange.

  3. Wow what a wonderful gift package. I love the embroidered towels Robyn does have great taste in gift giving. Enjoy I loved being part of the exchange this year. B

  4. Oh this makes me happy! I am smiling here!

  5. What a neat gift! Love that they're all handmade. :)

  6. What a great person to receive a gift from! I'm glad you enjoyed it all and had fun with the exchange. Thanks for participating!

  7. Love the embroidered towels. They are a staple at our house too. Happy new year!