Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I feed the World....What's Your Superpower?

Last night I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak to.....well more like "with" a group of young ladies with a passion and interest for agriculture. The group was diverse in their backgrounds and  current involvement with agriculture. An added bonus was that America's Heartland a a weekly series that airs on PBS stations around the country and on RFD-TV had sent a man to video tape the evening. The show is featuring 2 farmers from McPherson county. I will keep you posted on that!

My personal goal for the evening :
1)Leave them with a confidence that no matter your profession or age you can always be an advocate for Agriculture

2) Encourage them to educate themselves to better be able to deal with a variety of situation regarding the rural lifestyle

3) Have them teach me something new

I really hope I succeeded! I know that #3 can be checked off.
When we talked about the frustrations of being in Ag production one that really seemed to stand out was the late hours for their husband. Understandable, however those husbands are out there working hard to get a field planted or harvested or...... Then it came to me. "Your husband is out there producing not only to support your family but also to support families across the world." So the saying came, "He's out feeding the world"  One of the ladies said, "I guess I can take care and feed the 2 kids at the house, cause HE'S OUT FEEDING THE WORLD."

I believe we each should look at the positive we are not only doing for ourselves and family but for the world.

More posts on this great experience of mine.


  1. So sorry I missed your presentation, but I'm glad we got to meet before the meeting! Thanks for coming to our meeting and thank you for being a great advocate for agriculture. Hopefully we'll cross paths again in a few weeks!

    P.S...Thanks for providing the link to the blog :)

  2. I too am glad we meet, I have a feeling we will be seeing more of each other for years to come as we voice our passion and appreciation for agriculture!