Friday, October 14, 2011

Wedding attire?!

I wish this was a simple post saying what to traditionally wear to a wedding. I received an invitation to a wedding reception. I was totally confused on what to wear. It had been 90 degrees and then all of the sudden it was 45. I thought this wedding is outside. How do you dress for that. Then I think about the couple. I have been friends with the groom for years and more recently met the bride and we get along great. He is a cowboy through and through. She is spunky and fashionable. So do I wear boots jeans and a fun shirt? Do I wear a skirt and boots, do I wear a dress? I didn't know. Then to add to the complicated mess it started raining the night before the wedding. I wasn't sure, so I called up my best friend Abby that was going as well and we made a strategy. This way we both looked "the same" and if we were too hot, too cold, of felt out of place we would be in it together.
Plan of action:
Cute nice jeans (I wore trouser jeans)
Fun going out sleeveless top (incase it was 90)
Dressy Cardigan (incase it was 45)
Anderson Bean boots (for dancing)
Lots of great jewelry and a good hairdo

Well turns out we were perfect, some of the cuter gals there, if I do say so myself. A showed up late (but he apologize 100times) he had been shipping cattle, getting panels, know the drill. We definitely made up for it by dancing almost non-stop. The 2 of us ended up being the last couple off the dance floor and walked out with the DJ.

Wanted to share my wedding gift I made. It matched their rustic chic wedding motif.
The bride told me she got quite a few of her wedding reception decor ideas from Pinterest. After Abby heard this, she joined that night!  The reception was held at a B&B. They moved it into the barn because of the cold weather. Take a look.

Stocktanks held the beverages.

                                                    CONGRATS to the newly married Oleens!


  1. Such cute ideas! Pinterest has some great ones!!

  2. How cute! I want a re-do of my wedding since I have been on Pinterest! ;)

  3. Oh, awesome. Yes, I could re-do my wedding... but it is what it is. Love it though! :)

  4. I totally want to re-do my wedding too! Very cute ideas...guess I'll just have to somehow implement them into my home!

    Congrats to the new couple!