Friday, November 18, 2011

Game Day Kicks

I spotted a pair of OSU cowboy boots in Stillwater 2 years ago. They were awesome, great tops, nice detailing, and the perfect toe, yes it seems the south is always ahead of the game. Then I started seeing posts on Pinterest, websites, and finally saw a post on Cowboys & Indians. I'm not sure why they can't make some awesome K-State ones, but in my opinion they are failing. I would like a nice square toe,(not needle point) with some flashy purple and silver this too much to ask?! I think not.

K-State by Nocona

Gameday  Boots is one company that makes boots for certain schools. However, they don't have K-State they have that other school down the road, ugh. Not sure why they don't have the school in Kansas that actually has a rodeo team and is a land grant university?!? (Not that my ranting and raving will make them start producing K-State ones)
Here is the only decent pair they have:
I might have to resort to buying men's boots, check these out:
Getting closer........................

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