Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wedding Present Tutorial

I wanted to share a wedding present I made for a friend. (Casie, realize the cost of this gift is in no way a reflection of how much you mean to me!)

I'm not to good at slowing down and taking step by step pictures AND I think most of you are smart enough to follow.

I first started with an old picture I got in a $1 pile at an auction. So... the cost of this was probably 2cents.
I painted over the picture in tan. Paint cost= free.

Then I took an old certificate frame that had the glass broken out. I believe this was $1 at the Dollar Tree.
I took the cardboard back out as well as the staples to hold the glass in place.

Next I bought a paper mache "N" for their last name- Cost $2.50 at Hobby Lobby.
Painted it Chrome-Paint=free

Then rubbed brown craft paint on the "N" to look worn. Paint= 25cents

Finally, I stacked it all, glued with hot glue and painted their name and date.


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