Sunday, November 27, 2011

Support Small Business Saturday

Yes, I  know its Sunday, however I think that Support Small Business Saturday might be one of those made up Holidays worth partaking in.

 I wanted to share a  couple pictures of 2Chick Couture's booth at a local craft fair yesterday. In the near future, I am hoping to take this booth and make it into a store. I will keep ya'll posted on that process.

Being raised in the country my family has always supported local small towns near us. We think it is important to support local small business.Many times the owner of these businesses are family members, neighbors, and friends.This is what keeps small towns alive. Those towns are what makes the USA what it is, the values of small rural America are important and should be supported and encouraged.

  Just because Saturday is over, don't stop.....everyday should be "Support Small Business Day."

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