Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sampling Saturday-Monty's Jerky

I'm starting a new "series" on my blog. Each Saturday I will be featuring a Kansas Made Product! I'm hoping to get the word out about these products, since I think it is important to buy AMERICAN and especially support locals. I will give you my honest opinion, I won't just say its great because it's from KANSAS.


I was contacted by Robyn at Monty's in October. She was gracious enough to donate jerky sticks for the American Agri-Women convention. They were a HIT!  I was impressed by how wonderful they were to work with. I think that Robyn and I ended up talking for about 30min on a variety of topics other than jerky. The second thing that really got me was the packaging. This is when it hit me, " I need to so a series on my blog about Kansas Made Products!" So here it goes.

 Check out how nice it looks and how well its packed.

About Monty's:
"The quest to fill a niche for exceptional jerky began in the mid 90's when Monty was smoking jerky in the garage for family and friends. Reception was amazing, and those lucky enough to taste the incredible creations persuaded Monty to craft the jerky so there would be a constant supply. Monty's Smoked Jerky was born and is now being crafted in Bird City, Kansas. Wade, Tim, and Robyn carry on the tradition of smoking tender, melt in your mouth delicious jerky."

What I think is great:
1. Most of their beef is raised locally
2. They are ag producers themselves.
3. It is produced in a small town (Bird City) = economic development!

They have a variety of flavors. I think the the Red Hot Sweetie is the way to go, sweet & spicy!

They will ship their jerky & apparel (yep that's right they have cute shirt too) right to your house. OR they can be found in a variety of stores in Colorado, Kansas and Texas.

For more info visit:

If you try their items please let me know!

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