Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saucy Diane-Free Shipping Offer

I met Diane of Saucy Diane at the AAW convention. She was set up as a vendor and this is where I fell in love with her PB Party. It is a delicious peanuty, creamy, sweet, yummy spread.

Location: Baldwin City

History:"Saucy Diane produces gourmet sauces in small batches. All the sauces are delicious on ice cream but are also good to eat with other foods."

Mission:"Offering an elegant yet affordable splurge for the main food shopper in each household. Educating the public about the many culinary uses for these three sauces. Being a "green" company by reusing the glass jars the product comes in."

Why I like it: It's Peanut Butter...HeLlo!!! But  seriously,I really like that she is "going green" I love old jars and think they shouldn't be tossed aside.

Contact Info:

Here is the great part..........Order from Saucy Diane-mention Home on the Range and get FREE SHIPPING! Did you hear that?! FREE SHIPPING.

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  1. Great idea to focus on Kansas-made products! I appreciate your ag-vocacy!