Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fiesta Bowl Gear~ GO CATS & Discount

Ok, well this post is a little plug for myself!

I make game day dresses and other accessories, which many of you know. Well, my Alma Mater for Undergrad-----Kansas State University---- is going to the Fiesta Bowl in a few weeks so I have listed on my Esty page some K-State items! Go check them out, I think they are pretty cute if I do say so myself :)

A little thank you to my blog readers.......Enter :BLOGKSU for a 15% discount. This discount is available till Dec 31.

You might not be a K-State fan, but if you know someone who is, I would appreciate you spreading the word!

Here is a sampling:



  1. I love those.
    If you ever feel like doing a custom order in Nebraska Cornhuskers I'd totally buy some!!!!!!