Saturday, May 25, 2013

61 and counting!

Today is my grandparents 61st wedding anniversary. They are truly God's example of love and what a marriage is intended to be like! I am blessed to have them as a shining example.  Since I was out of town for my grandpa's birthday this past Tuesday, we are celebrating big time tonight! Oh, and don't think they look or act their age! Grandpa still picks grandma wildflowers from the pasture while out checking cattle and grandma says she still gets butterflies every time she sees him ride up horseback. So sappy, but I love it!
Speaking of those flowers he gets her......As I drove into my mom's driveway this afternoon I saw these beauties blooming.
They were started by my great-great grandmother over 100 years ago and have been blooming on our family farm since then. It make me happy and proud every time I see them bloom.

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  1. Wow! Congratulations to them, hope they enjoyed their party!
    Love old timers and their steadfast love for each other. :)