Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cattle Cat

So people have a cattle dog, you know like Hank the Cow Dog, well let me introduce you to Big Boy, the Cattle Cat.
While we were working cattle he hung out right there, watching and "trying to help" as seen here.
Big Boy whose name might now be C.C. walks out into the pasture  with you to check cattle, sits by the chute, goes to the pens when you feed, and just generally like to be with you especially when it involves cattle!


  1. love this! I had a cat, Boots, once that would go on walks with Dallas, Bruiser, & I. Also had one, Sage, that fetched like a dog. Current fur ball, Jello, well she thinks she's a dog: begs, wines at the door, & plays with the pooches.