Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Traveling Tuesday-Mildred

A while back I mentioned that I got my grandpa a book on Kansas Ghost Towns, well I don't think I've let him read more than 2 pages worth. I have confiscated it and have been inspired to look up these towns as I travel to visit friends, advocate for agriculture, or for "work" related trips.
One of my really good friends took me to some of the Ghost Towns or those on the verge.

Best know for:
History Lesson: Founded in 1907
The town went from being a cornfield to a booming town and now back to a cornfield, all within about 40 years. The building of a cement plant was a huge draw to the town and the real reason for establishment. Yet once hard times hit in during The Depression, most of the cement industry was moved to other towns and  Mildred dwindled.The cement plant is still stands and is a reminder of what the community once was like.

County: Allen
Population: As of 2010 is was 28
Location: Along Highway 59

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