Monday, September 9, 2013

Dirty 30th Birthday Party-Food

Well, believe it or not I am 3-0. Yep there I said it, I'm 30. Going to let the whole world know. Really didn't want to see this day come, but I know life could be worse, its only a number.

I had a Dirty 30 party so since today is Menu Monday I will focus on the food and then later show all the AMAZING decorations my mom did.

"DIRTY DOGS"- hot dog bar

 "MUDDY BUDDIES"- Puppy Chow as most of us call it!

"MUDDY WATER" - Root Beer & Cream Soda
 "CANDY ROCKS"- a chocolate cereal mix that was covered in chocolate ( a huge hit)
 The food corner
 "DIRTY MARTINI"- Dirt Dessert in martini glasses. Green sour drops were skewered on chocolate stick
 "MUD PIES" - Little Debbie cakes


  1. Looks fantastic! Will you come to Ohio next summer and help plan MY 30th??? :)

  2. hi what is the link for your party decoration?


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