Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blue-Week 2

I know its Wednesday but yesterday was a little busy so I'm giving my Twin update a day late.
Yesterday I was holding down the farm because my grandparents were out of town. Once I got home from work I changed clothes, got the bottles ready for the calves, and started the chores. As I hop in our old blue farm truck I looked around and thought how lucky I am to  be living this life! Perfect weather with a clear blue sky. That blue sky is what sparked my  less serious, more random note I realized there is alot of BLUE around, I'm in the blue truck, the bucket with the bottles is blue, my blue Royals T-shirt, and my black & blue bruise from ear tagging a month old calf last week. Yet, then again it was so happy to have the life I have bruises and all.

As I got to the barn I was greeted by the twins, they have grown quite a bit in the last 2 weeks. Bottle feeding now takes about 5 minutes. Here is picture I took yesterday.
Oh how handy the those red holders are. The bottle just drops in and hooks over the fence. I could do the other chores while they ate. Its always fun to hold the bottle while they eat,  butting you because the bottle is empty  and drooling on you, but today I had quite a bit to get done and didn't have time to stand there. When I came back Ribeye (the female) had butted her bottle loose and was standing next to T-Bone waiting to see if he shared. She is the more feisty of the two.
 Typical woman as most of the guys have told me!

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