Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Give Away-A Farm Wife's Life

Check out

For some great necklaces. All you K-Stater's outta love that purple!


  1. I'm glad my tutorial worked! I can already see you've got your new pages up! Are you a K-Stater too - I am. I already entered Janet's drawing. I love turquoise and do a turquoise Thursday each week on my blog. Stop back by anytime, I'm going to be doing more How To's.

  2. Crystal,
    Yep, I think we might have had a class or 2 together. I graduated May '06 ASI. Im trying to think of mutual friends we have, Kelsey Pope comes to mind first. I showed in LAR was in BLock and Bridle, Ag Council, Dairy Club, Collegiate Agri Women......