Tuesday, March 6, 2012

THE Bull Sale of all Bull Sales!

Express Ranches-Yukon, OK

This past Friday was the Express Ranches Bull Sale-558 Angus for sale
We left KS at 5am and drove straight to Yukon. Upon arrival we went straight to the pens and had to check out the bulls that CP was interested in. After a deciding that quite a few, "would work" we headed inside to get a buyer number (826) You can check out the catalog here.
We watched bulls sell from $3,000 to the top seller that went for $129,000! The complimentary lunch was awesome. Salad with every type of topping, green beans, roasted potatoes, and a  brisket carving station. Dessert options were cookies, cake, apple cobbler, mixed berry cobbler and ice cream! YUM!

There were 3 auctioneers and 6 spotters. Express prides themselves on bringing each bull through the ring. After the purchase of #308 we called it a day.We didn't watch the last 250 sell.  About 3:00pm they put out hot dogs, chips, brownies, and other dessert bars....With TO-GO BOXES!! I refrained from going crazy, I stayed calm and acted like I go to these places everyday...HA!

Then we went out to see his purchase. Not to shabby, eh?
Check out Bob's house in the background!
If I ever have my dreams come true and have my own huge sale, or become and event planner for large ranches  I'm gonna model it after EX!


  1. WOW! That is Impressive. Nice bulls you have there too!

    We host a Angus Bull sale here at our barn. Chisholm Trail Sale on March 16th. Bulls and cows both will sell that day. You can check out their catalog thru our website. www.winfieldlivestockauct.com and then click on special cattle sales!
    Take care!

    1. Thanks. I will put your sale on the calendar. Depending on where I am, maybe we could make it your way.