Friday, March 9, 2012

What Not to Wear...The North Face

I know its been awhile since I've had a Fashion Friday, nothing really jumped out at me until this past weekend. CP and I headed to Oklahoma for the Express Bull Sale. It was cool and windy and he went to put his North Face jacket on and mentioned to me that he heard North Face donated to PETA, HSUS or something like that. Was it true, he asked. I wasn't really sure, but as we sat through the auction I looked around and saw quite a few NF jackets. I decided to do some research on this when I got home.

I did a little searching and ran onto this article in the BEEF Magazine, stating the The North Face supports HSUS!

Did those beef producers know that they were wearing a jacket and supporting a company that goes against their livelihood?

 Now what to do with CP's jacket, rip out the embroidery? Cover it with a Eat Beef patch?


  1. That is GOOD to know. My oldest boy has been wanting a NF jacket for a long time, I can't bring myself to buy one, he's still growing too fast! Thank you for bringing this to my attention!! He will be glad to know this too!
    p.s. Go for the EAT BEEF patch! lol

  2. Wow, I didn't know this! Tell P to just wear Columbia (unless there is something I don't know about them too). NF you stink!

  3. wow! I had no idea... I'm too poor to have any North Face but I've always liked their stuff. Guess I'll just stick with my Columbia. .... and my vote is the eat beef patch!

  4. This article is bogus and has no facts to back it up. The North Face has never given money or contributed to PETA or HSUS. In fact PETA routinely protests outside of The North Face sponsored events and headquarters due to the fact that they use Goose Down feathers in many jackets, sleeping bags, and other apparel. I ask any people who have facts showing otherwise to prove me wrong. Real facts too, not just some list of bad companies off another blog. Until then I will continue to wear my North Face Down Jacket while you all freeze this winter.