Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

What is going green mean to you? Why just celebrate Earth Day one day a year? The way many families are going green is by doing the little things; turn off the lights when leaving a room, recycle their aluminum cans, minimize the water usage while brushing our teeth. Well, this is just a few of the simple ways many people help conserve resources. Let’s look at something a little more overlooked-farming and ranching.
Many people might not realize that America’s farmers and ranchers were the first environmentalist. Famers and ranchers usually have a genuine love for the land they own and work.  One fact to consider; Raising and grazing cattle more than doubles the usability of grass lands. I could go on and on about the numersous ways farmers and ranchers positively impact our environment. A site with a few facts from university studies:
 When people are looking at a way to impact the environment, why not look to those who advocating for the land.Buying locally produced food from  farmers that live in your community not only supports them, but also helps to feed the local economy.
We not do not look out for the environment one day, we support it 365 days a year.
So, to celebrate Earth Day-Thank a farmer!

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