Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Wickedest Cattletown in Kansas

Ellsworth that is!
Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit EW and made it my goal to visit some of the local monuments and notable attractions ( I think my good friend Abby was an influence with that!)

Ellsworth was once called "The Wickedest Cattletown in Kansas." A few names you might recognize are Wyatt Earp & Wild Bill Hickok, both spent a short time in Ellsworth.

The first, was Paden's Place, know for their Chicken Fried Steak. I didn't know this until after I ordered my hashbrowns with WHITE GRAVY!!

                                                            Haystack Mountain
 Some of the carvings dated back to 1912


Next Up, Mushroom Rock State Park:

                               Took this picture for my mom     

                                                    Notice the shape of the sign!

Me & Sora

And finally Shipley's Rock's (kinda wondering if my guide didn't make this one up)


I challenge you to go off the beaten path next time you visit a new place, who knows what you will find!

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