Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I hope I get more sleep tonight than I did one week ago! We had an older cow that we were keeping in the barn since she was having trouble being able to get up on her feet. I thought she seemed larger than usual during her pregnancy and I was correct! She had twins and thankful is up on her feet now. I guess it is similar to women needing bed rest, she just couldn't handle the weight.

So a week ago, my Granpa went to the bar to check her one last time before he went to bed and called me about 10pm and said she had twins and needed help my help. (Excited about the twins, but already on my way to bed.) I grabbed by jeans and pulled on my boots and headed to the barn.

About 1 hour old.
We needed to make sure that the calves got the colostrum (the first milk a cow gives, consisting of important nutrients) It turns out the cow was not producing milk, so we had to mix "formula."  I ended up being awake till about 2am, but it was worth every minute of it.  I could go on about the details of caring for these 2, but lets get to the pictures!

A week later! The mother has started producing some milk, but not enough. We are bottle feeding.
Ribeye on the left (she chugs  a bottle in about 3min) T-Bone on the right (he is kinda slow, about 10min)

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