Thursday, April 21, 2011

Home on the Range Exchange!

Well I guess my first post with be an introduction and of course some ramblings. I am pursuing my Masters in Agriculture Education with an emphasis in Extension. I want to tailor my MS to include 3 areas that I enjoy and feel passionate about; Agriculture, Outreach/ Education, and Women being involved with those two. I also want to put in a little event planning while I’m at it.  I hope that this blog will not only be enjoyable to the reader but also informative. The hopes are also to use the blog to help with research for my MS.  The main drawbacks seem to be my lack of time, my lacking knowledge of technology, and then of course those 4 years of HS  and 2 years of college English that taught me well…….not much. Don’t they say practice makes perfect, so if I write, write, write, it will get better as it goes, Hang in there with me.

Besides the educational side of this venture, I guess I too am jumping on that bandwagon of bloggers. (My competitive nature might be a factor here) It seems like each time something happens in my life I start something new, better than getting a tattoo for every accomplishment or heartbreak!

You are asking, "Where did this title come from and what can I expect?" Well lets look at it from a few differnt views. Home on the Range is the Kansas state song. Range can not only be for grazing cattle but for cooking them (beef on the stove), the kitchen is a central location for many homes and where some of the most important decisions are made. In our family kitchen we have had baby chicks, craft projects, crying sessions, rekindling of friendships, and so so much more! I could ramble on about the various meanings of the title, so just sit back and be ready for recipes, craft projects, random Kansas scenery and fact, agriculture news, event planning, and of course just the daily updates about me and my wonderful family!

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