Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Branding in Action

Pictures of  "my crew" (yep Im claiming them) branding. What they don't know won't hurt them.

These are at the barn/pens so not a picturesque as Saturday's out in the pasture

Now onto Saturday's Branding--------------------------------
                                                                                       ~250 calves were worked.

J & A waiting on Monte....most likely

3 going at once really speed up the process.
THE WHOLE CREW-minus me taking the picture

I wish I had taken more but its hard to vaccinate and take pictures at the same time.


  1. Great pictures! Its so odd to see people branding on green grass! My hubby was in the midst of a dust storm when I took branding pics the other day!

  2. Thanks! Saturday morning is was really foggy, kinda nice because you couldn't see the wind turbines :)

  3. I love branding pictures...I've never been to one but I would love to go see how it all works! And seriously so many cute cowboys in your pics..I think I live in the wrong place! Great post again...loved reading about the branding.

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  5. It is a ton of fun, most cowboys say branding is their favorite time of year. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but 98% of those cowboys are married or they are too young! Again, I don't want them to hear that they are good looking or I wouldn't be able to put up with them!

    They are a great group of guys!