Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cowtown Days!

Last weekend I ventured west to Ellsworth again for Cowtown Days and the El-Kan Rodeo. It was a great weekend, meeting new people, catching up with others, and enjoying the western lifestyle.

Friday night I went to the rodeo, it started storming and then had a down pour. The show went on but I started to fade. All the pictures of the rodeo I took didn't turn out...A would be glad, I don't think he wanted to think about how his ride went. Justin one of S's friends ended up getting a 75 and winning  Saddle Bronc.

Saturday was the parade and an amazing one at that. They throw out some of the best things. We joked that we got, food, jewelry, and purses. Ok, the real story is tootsie rolls, Mardi Gras beads, and reusable grocery totes. However, I've never been to parade that gave out so many other things besides candy.

Then we went to the reinactment of the shooting of Sherriff Whitney. A and his brother were gamblers in the saloon for the "play" and carried off Whitney after he was shot.

It was an interesting story so also an educational weekend. More can be found about the event here.

The afternoon had vendors, food, mechanical bulls, games, kids rides, and much more. I thought one of the funnest things for the kiddos was the large pile of sand where the bank barries quarters. This kept the kids entertained for hours,not sure the parents loved the mess though.

That night was the final rodeo performance.
A & John as the official scorekeepers and judges of the Muttin Bustin.
Much better than the night before with the storms. There were some great rides and runs. Although, one of A's friends that I know got bucked off. He was knocked out, they called the paramedics into the areana, he didn't move for about 5min. One of the scarier moments I've had lately.  Clint ended up being "ok."  The guys said he was a little out of it for the rest of the night. Because of that A ended up running the chutes, which made him have a few close calls too.

It was a fun weekend. I took tons of pictures over the weekend most of them had A's niece and nephews in them. Not sure if the fam wants them out there for the world to see, but I HAVE to share my favorite with you!

Dressed like Uncle A, oh his parents will have their hands full!

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