Sunday, August 7, 2011

Made possible by an American Farmer or Rancher!

Well, I feel like I have been slacking on my Ag Advocacy in the blog. Then when I really thought about it, agriculture is in everything we do. When trying the recipes I post, you are using products that American Farmers and Ranchers are producing. The supplies to make the craft projects I have talked about are again made possible by the American farmer.  Don't forget the Fashion Fridays.... cotton & leather are common in most of my fashionable items. I won't say it again, but you know made possible by.......

Here are a few fun facts:

A well know one: Footballs are made with pig skin, but did you know plastic shopping bags are made from an animal by-product......fat?

How about these others:
Fireworks=animal by products
Laundry detergent=tallow
Toothpaste=glycerin from plants

There are many of these out there, so be looking to see what I post next

Thank a Farmer or Rancher!

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  1. Now I knew about most on your list, but I did not know about fireworks. When you make those map picture frames make sure you send me a comment.