Saturday, January 14, 2012

Honey in Hillsboro

This is kinda a review of 2 in 1. Check out Golden Heritage Foods and Milk & Honey B&B
Two years ago Kansas Agri-Women had their August meeting at the Milk & Honey B&B. It is a wonderful facility for a retreat, family reunion, or just a fun weekend away.
This is where we learned that they too make honey. I had seen the brand Busy Bee and our family had used it before. Little did I know it was Kansas made!
Please go to their website, they have great facts and info on the honey, bee keeping, processing, and more.

Location: Hillsboro
Contact: 120 Santa Fe Street
Hillsboro, KS 67063
Phone: 620-947-3173

History:" Do honey bees fascinate you? That captivation drove Esra Barkman to jump a train from Kansas to Oregon in the 1920's to work and learn in Bee Apiaries there. Esra eventually returned to Hillsboro, Kansas where he established a family tradition of beekeeping that now spans three generations. Esra began selling his honey during WWII when sugar was rationed, soon partnering with his son Richard in the late 1950's, to establish a migratory beekeeping operation. With increased production, Barkman Honey Company, a processing and packaging operation, was born in 1960 with a brand, BUSY BEE." 

"In 2004, Barkman Honey became Golden Heritage Foods, LLC., with a continued commitment to preserving the integrity and future of the industry from blossom to bottle and delivering trusted products throughout the U.S and abroad"

Why I like it: -It tastes good. I had the "plain" clover honey-yummy.
-The use bee honey that is from the US and local beekeepers.
-Family Owned
Products: They carry Agave, Molasses, and More

Whipped Honey might be my favorite, so I'm hoping to try theirs next.

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