Sunday, January 8, 2012

Scenic Sunday-Volland, KS

Last week my Mom, Uncle, and I took a little tour of rural Kansas. My best friend Abby had taken me to the "ghost town" of Volland and I thought this would be a great stop for my fam, they like things like this. Plus, I though he might be able to capture some great pictures for his photography work.

I also bought my Grandpa for a Christmas present a book on the ghost towns of KS. Abby enjoys small towns, so I thought this would come in handy for us and a girls roadtrip someday.

History: Volland was once a hoppin place with busy stockyards. Until 1920s it was a major cattle shipping point on the Rock Island Railroad.
The old general store still stands. I was told that the owner retired, locked the door and walked away. The contents are still inside.
Volland was originally named Grafton but in 1888 the name was changed to Volland, which was a prominent family name in that community.
To read a little about the history of Volland: Mill Creek Memoirs: The Roots of a Ranching Community, Volland by Scott Williams. I found quite a bit of info from the book Ghost Towns of Kansas, A Travleer's Guide. by Daniel Fitzgerald.

Location:"Volland is located about half way between Alma and Alta Vista, via Old Highway K-10, going straight West out of Alma.. When you arrive at the intersection of Volland Road and Old K-10, turn left "
There is a sign for Volland.

Abby and I think this would make a fun restaraunt/bar. With outdoor seating leaving the roof off. I got a second on that from my family. For now, I'm just going to have to keep dreaming.

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