Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Women In Blue Jeans-Part 1

*I don't like long posts so I am going to break this into multiple posts.
I just returned from one of the most amazing conventions I've been to....Women In Blue Jeans.
I traveled the 7 hours to Mitchell, South Dakota and it was well worth it. I honestly don't think I can truly convey in words how much I enjoyed myself.

Why is this better than any other convention related to agriculture you might ask, I'm here to tell you. It started over a year ago when I was wanting to plan and host a conference for women who were not only involved with agriculture but wanted to learn more about the industry. A conference to fit every woman's needs. That might be estate planning, new farm regulations, or caring for the family and its pets. This conference wasn't solely directed to women who work everyday in an agriculture industry, it was for EVERY woman!

I somehow heard about Women In Blue Jeans and contacted the number listed on their website. The lady(Carol) was so helpful and gave me tons of ideas and recommendations for planning my own conference. When we got off the phone, she emailed me even more info. I realized if I was going to host a similar event I needed to go to the conference that I am modeling it after. Last minute I contacted a few friends to make the trip with me, no luck. Finally, my Grandpa said he would go for a roadtrip. Grandma said she would take care of the small chores and a neighbor would take care of the livestock.  Off we went..................

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