Friday, June 10, 2011


As I'm working on this wedding cake I realized (again) how handy an apron is. When I get to cooking seriously I always wear one, this is a rather new habit....probably in the last 3 years or so. When I was younger I thought it was just a grandma thing, now I realize why they wore them. Aprons are actually making a comeback in the fashion world.  My business partner and I have made a few. This is a picture (sorry picture at that) of the apron  we made and I gave Morgan at her bridal shower.
" I kiss better than I cook"
There was a pink leopard print ruffle on the bottom. Super cute if I do say so myself.

An apron is an outer protective garment that covers primarily the front of the body. It may be worn for hygienic reasons as well as in order to protect clothes from wear and tear.
The apron was traditionally viewed as an essential garment for anyone doing housework. Cheaper clothes and washing machines made aprons less common beginning in the mid 1960s in some countries such as the United States. However, the practice of wearing aprons remains strong in many places.
Today, the apron has enjoyed a minor renaissance in terms of both women and men now wearing them when performing household chores. For instance, an article in the Wall Street Journal claimed in 2005 that the apron is "enjoying a renaissance as a retro-chic fashion accessory" in the United States.

The ones I wear aren't too fashionable. Here are a few cute ones I've seen. Maybe I should make myself a one

Pink & Black Ruffle Apron

Maybe more fashionable than functional!?

Nothing will beat the old fashioned ones though,  the memories are what make those!


  1. My mom has made the cutest aprons!

  2. Yes, it seems aprons are getting more popular... I have one, half body apron, but it's too pretty to wear! :P