Friday, June 17, 2011


I've been gone for a week and realized it was Fashion Friday. I was struggling on topics, all I've seen for and wore for a week was suits. Then I thought about how I tried to make those suits a little more fun.....Necklaces! I took 10 necklaces with me to DC and ended up selling 6 of them. I had a request from a friend to bring some and have a "jewelry party" in my hotel room late one night. I thought I would share some of those that I sold.

Under the "jewelry" tab you can see more of them that I have, I try to update that every other week or so. The name for my jewelry and all the other items I make is called "Laurel Hill" Then of course I have my business with my friend called 2Chick Couture.


  1. Those are very pretty! Do you sell online?

  2. Thank you!
    I have items in a store in Stillwater, OK and in stores in KS as well as going to shows.

    I have an etsy site with my business partner. We don't have anything up right now because we are soooo busy with a ton of other things. She has a 4yr old and a 1yr old. Our site is :

    When we get stuff posted I will probably make a post on my blog