Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

I try to post everyday. Some days I don't have the time and other days I'm not even near a computer. Well, today I have the time and am sitting at a computer. I was trying to think of a post related to agriculture, crafts, Kansas...... NOTHING. I'm a little preoccupied with stressful thoughts; grad classes, finishing my MS, promoting my new business, getting personal orders completed, will I be able to blog everyday, should I focus on other things besides blogging?........... How do you do it all and still try to enjoy life in the meantime.

First things first: As you know I am making a wedding cake for a friend's wedding this Sat, well then I leave my house at 2:30AM to get to the airport to fly to DC for American Agri-Women. I'm excited, all except for that 2:30am drive. I will probably drive straight from the reception, I plan on dancing the night away.

My second "issue" and #1 summer concern preoccupying my thought is called; Statistics! This is one of the last classes I have left to take to complete my Masters. I have put it off, and put it off until this summer.  I figured 8 weeks of pain is better than 16. I'm a creative, hands-on, abstract type person....NOT a numbers kinda gal.

So, I'm gonna say my prayers, Cowgirl up and deal with it!


  1. Hey- Have a great time @ Fly-In! And good luck with the cake/Stats :)

  2. Have a great time on your trip- Lori, it is very hard for me to find things to blog about too unless I have a current project! Good luck with the cake.

  3. We all get in blogging ruts, most defiantly! Have a fun trip, and good luck with the cake!

  4. Thanks Im gonna need luck on the cake and a miracle in Stats!

    Next weeks post will be about DC & Agriculture of course