Friday, June 3, 2011

Boots, Chaps, & Cowboy Hats

So last weekend as I sat with the guys at lunch and after branding, during the "cool down period" I listened to what they discussed. If I had my eyes closed I would have thought they were a bunch of ladies. All they talked about was fashion, who had on what brand of boots, where they got their spurs, how sturdy their jeans were...........I brought this up to A and told him that you guys would have made fun of a bunch of ladies sitting around talking about fashion, but they can get away with it? His response, " We just recognize and appreciate good tack." There you have it ladies, your rebuttal when a guy gives you a hard time about talking about shoes, jewelry, clothing, and accessories........ "I just recognize AND appreciate good tack"

I'd love to go into the history of boots, chaps, cowboy hats, spurs, wild rags, and all of that cowboy "tack" that can make some of us girls swoon. However, I'm going to keep it simple and just give you a few pictures. Detail and history on another Friday!

Spurs, Boots (Anderson Beans, my fav), Chaps

Hat, Wild Rag, Chaps

SWEET BOOTS, another guy had the same pair, but in lime green


  1. It is funny how those cowboys are! They gotta look just right, and have just the right thing. And what really cracks me up, the tools of the trade are not cheap. I tell my hubby he can never give me a hard time for having alot of shoes, when he has three pair of handmade boots that cost twice as much as my ONE store bought pair! Or that his bits and spurs are worth a heck of alot more than any of my jewelery. Except for my wedding ring of course. Ha! People used to tell me how cheaper boys were than girls, when I was pregnant with our son. I just laughed and said not in my world. ;)

  2. I loved this post and its funny how its always different when it comes guys! I also will have to admit I kind of like guys "tack"! :o) Thanks for the fun read!

  3. Crack me up. "A" now wants to know what tack us ladies like. I told him it depends on the lady, and we are keeping that to ourselves. We don't need guys knowing the secrets!

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