Thursday, June 30, 2011

Land Grant Universities

As I think about my job and my degree(s) I realize how lucky I am to be able to go to college and especially at a Land Grant University. There is just something about them ; they seem more friendly, more homey, family like, and agriculture minded.This history lesson might give a little explanation to those ideas and why some of the best Agriculture and Engineering schools are Land Grant.

Land Grant Universities were established  from the provisions of the Morrill Act (1862), which gave to the states federal lands for the establishment of colleges offering programs in agriculture, engineering, and home economics as well as in the traditional academic subjects.This was a response to the industrial revolution and changing social class. This was different from the historical higher class Liberal Arts.  The Hatch Act (1887) expanded the land-grant program by providing federal funds for research and experiment stations; the Smith-Lever Act (1914) granted federal support for extension work in agriculture and home economics.

*Kansas State University was the first school created under the act, on February 16, 1863.

I think the agriculture basis affects the people themselves, that must be why the universities seem friendly and welcoming.

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